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Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen hints possible reconciliation via heartwarming digital platform interaction

Image courtesy: Winslow Townson/Associated Press

Kevin Garnett has developed a sour impression against Ray Allen all over the years, which started after the latter decided to join a staunch rival team way back in 2012 offseason. Since then, the two have thrown multiple hits with each other through social media and other different platforms, wherein the all-time great power forward keeps on snubbing the legendary marksman at many times. 

But, the wounds of the past may have finally healed, which definitely gives the whole Beantown fan base a long-lasting feeling of fulfillment on the relationship of two basketball hall of famers. 

Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce, the ‘Big 3’ of the Modern Boston Celtics, have made it to the cut of the NBA’s top 75 list. 

The Big Ticket greeted all the players who made it via Instagram story, and then proceeded to acknowledge his two former teammates — notably Allen.

And what’s even more heartwarming is that Ray reposted the story of KG.

Over the past few years, the drama between the two have sparked multiple reactions across the NBA world. But now, these iconic players have etched some big smiles among the Celtics supporters through their uplifting actions online — a possibility that they are finally on good terms. 

In 2007, the aging iconic trio merged in Boston to form an alliance with a primary goal to win their first title. Steamrolling in the 2008 season as clear favorites to be the best, they led the Cs to 66 wins and a hard-fought ticket to the NBA Finals, in which they met the late great Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. In six games, the Green outlasted the Lakeshow to clinch their 17th trophy — with Pierce honored as the Finals MVP. 

The three have managed to be intact for five seasons straight, amassing All-star selections, All-NBA recognitions and other significant league awards. Allen decided to sign with the Miami Heat during the 2012 layoff. On the other hand, the remaining two were then traded the following year to the Brooklyn Nets — signaling an end of an era.

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