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Curry can Emulate LeBron in the Longevity Stakes

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Stephen Curry has long been at the heart of Golden State’s golden period but, in 2020, the Warriors were as close as possible to a one man team. At the age of 32, the Point Guard enjoyed his most productive season ever as he finished the campaign as the NBA’s leading scorer.

Despite his best efforts, Curry could not steer GSW to glory as the team failed to make the playoffs for the second year in a row. This time around, there is renewed optimism with a strengthened roster but, once again, their key man will be vital to any future success.

Looking to LeBron

He’s 33 now and we must all hope that Stephen Curry remains on court for many years to come but that’s an age where fans start to ask questions over his long term future. For now, the point guard remains as the Warriors’ key player and he’s looking to another star man for inspiration.

Over at the LA Lakers, LeBron James is aiming for another influential season at the age of 36. He’ll hit his 37th birthday before 2021 concludes but there is no sign of LeBron leaving the NBA anytime soon.

He’s long been an admirer of James but Curry extended his praise when asked by ESPN what it was like to face his rival over so many years. The Warriors man replied that the fact that James had been at the top for 18 years was ‘unreal’. Curry admitted that LeBron had set the standard for longevity and, as he looked back over his own career, it was clear as to who he was looking to emulate.

Can Warriors Climb Back into the Playoffs?

They may have failed to make the playoffs for each of the last two seasons but Golden State Warriors are expected to go much further in the upcoming NBA campaign. A number of Indian basketball betting sites are showing great interest in GSW but it’s the Brooklyn Nets who will start as favourites for the championship pennant.

Using odds supplied by sportsbooks linked to asiabet.org, the Nets lead the overall winner market, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and the defending champions the Milwaukee Bucks. Then we come to Golden State who are in a respectable position as fourth favourites for the title.

The franchises have been working through pre-season and those odds will change as soon as the new NBA campaign gets underway. Asiabet’s panel of recommended sportsbooks will continue to update their figures until such time as the final series of matches are played.

At the same time, customers can look to sign up with any of those sportsbooks if they have a genuine interest in betting on the NBA. In the majority of cases, there are generous welcome offers in place along with ongoing promotions for existing players. A range of funding options and effective customer service is also at hand.

With news and opinion pieces on all things basketball, this is a useful portal for lovers of the sport but could this be the year that Golden State Warriors bounce back?

Familiar Faces Return

Speaking of ageing players, the Warriors will welcome Andre Iguodala into their ranks after the 37 year old spent the last two seasons at Miami Heat. The shooting guard is another player who featured in Golden State’s three NBA Championships between 2015 and 2018 and it’s hoped that he can help the franchise improve on their recent issues.

Another player who can return to make a difference on the court is Klay Thompson who has been stricken with injuries. There’s a feeling that, with Iguodala returning and Thompson reaching full fitness, the old gang is back in town.

It isn’t just about a handful of players and, supporting Curry through last season was Draymond Green. In 2020/21, the Power Forward passed Michael Jordan in regards to the number of triple doubles recorded and he made a major contribution to the campaign.

The lack of support elsewhere ultimately hurt Golden State and prevented them from progressing. This time around, things could change but Stephen Curry will be looking to channel his inner LeBron to keep firing across the regular season and beyond.

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