Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

A few years ago, Russell Westbrook was in a position of being a clear superstar of his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Over the last couple of years, his role changed as he had to team up with fellow superstars James Harden and Bradley Beal.

Carmelo Anthony, who joined forces with Westbrook after 3 years since being teammates in Oklahoma, says it is a different situation that Russ is facing on the Lakers. Instead of being the sole superstar on the team, he is now a part of the Big Three.

“It’s different,” Melo said. “In OKC it was his show. He was the anchor that. I think we did a group job of putting this group together so that everybody can kind of be their own anchor within what we’re trying to accomplish.

“We all know Bron, we all know AD but everybody else we have to anchors too in order for this to work. So Russ have to be who Russ is. Him coming here, him coming home and that’s always a different feeling. Maybe trying to figure it out. I don’t know.

“But I know being home is a special feeling. I had the opportunity to play in New York and being back in front of family and friends and every night being home it’s a big difference. I think you guys will see that with Russ once he get going.”