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Frank Vogel on Carmelo Anthony’s role on the Lakers

Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Carmelo Anthony is about to enter his 19th NBA season and the first one with the Los Angeles Lakers. The 37-year-old forward joined the team ready take on a role that will be given to him by the head coach Frank Vogel.

While Melo’s role is yet to be determined — one report suggests he will be coming off the bench — Vogel is sure that the role will be important.

“When the time’s right. I just talked to [Carmelo] after he came in. This is all still to be determined,” he said. “When we spoke before he signed here, I told him that I envisioned a big role this team. I don’t know what that was going to look like — whether he’s going to start, whether he’s going to come off the bench — but that he’s going to be a factor for us.

“We lost shooting in the trade with KCP and Kuz going out, that I feel like this is the time that he’s gonna have a significant role with our group. That’s the last time we’ve talked about it. We’ll probably not talk about it again until we get closer to the regular season. But I do think that he’s gonna have big role on our team.”

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