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Chiefs star Travis Kelce says LeBron James “would have been a problem on the football field”

Kelce thinks LeBron's athleticism would have made him difficult to handle as an NFL player.

LeBron James
Photo: Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is of the opinion that LeBron James would have been a hit in the NFL had he decided to make the switch in 2011.

King James recently revealed having received offers from the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks during the NBA lockout that year and seriously considered playing as a tight end. Kelce, arguably the best in the position currently, reckons James would have thrived there.

“I think ‘Bron would have definitely been a problem on the football field, no doubt about it,” the Chiefs star said to TMZ Sports. “Especially with tight end room. That’s us Northeast Ohio guys, man. We’re all-around athletes. You can throw us in any sport, we’ll have success.

“His athleticism, how knowledgeable he is about the game of basketball that you can tell how he plays, he gets down to the scheme of things. And, that’s a lot about being a football player is understanding schemes, going out there, playing free and letting your athleticism show.”

We’ll never know how good LeBron would have fared as a football player but he has certainly proven his greatness on the basketball court. The Los Angeles Lakers star is still playing at the highest level at 36 years of age and is preparing to make a run at a fifth championship this year.

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