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LeBron James on Covid vaccination: “I think everyone has their own choice”

LeBron James
Photo: Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Like many other players, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was asked about his Covid vaccination status during the media day. He revealed that took the shot. At the same time, the four-time NBA champion expressed the view that every person has their own choice on whether to get the vaccine or not.

“I think when it comes down for me, I can speak for myself. I think everyone has their own choice to do what they feel is right for themselves and their families and things of that nature,” James said. “I know that I was very sceptical about it all but after doing my research and things of that nature I felt like it was best suited not only for me but for my family and my friends. That’s why I decided to do it.

“But as far as.. you guys should know me anything that I talk about, I don’t talk about other people and what they should do. I speak for me and for my family and that’s what it’s about.”

James was further pressed by the media to encourage others to get vaccinated. “We’re talking about individuals bodies. We’re not talking about something that’s political or racism or police brutality and things of that nature. We’re talking about people’s bodies and well-beings,” the Lakers star responded.

“So I don’t feel like for me personally that I should get involved in what people should do with their bodies and their livelihoods. It would be like me talking about if they should take this job, listen, you have to do what’s best for you and your family, or if they should relocate. You have to do what’s best for your family. I know what I did for me and my family I know some of my friends and what they did for their families but as far as speaking for everybody and their individualities and things they wanna do, I don’t feel like that’s my job.”

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