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Clay Travis slams ‘blue check brigade members in sports media’ for criticizing Jonathan Isaac, Kyrie Irving, other NBA players

Kyrie Irving
Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Yesterday’s NBA media day was not all about the 2021-2022 season. Many players and coaches alike received questions related with the Covid vaccination. Bradley Beal and Jonathan Isaac admitted to being among those players who refused to take the jab.

Prior to that it was reported that Kyrie Irving has also refused the vaccination due to ‘moral-based’ reasons. When asked about his decision the Brooklyn Nets star asked the media to respect his privacy. Other notable player that have opted out of the taking the vaccine is Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.

While Irving’s choice was reportedly based on moral reasons, Beal cited the fact that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can get and spread the virus. Meanwhile, Isaac’s reason was based on his natural immunity and not being at risk from Covid.

The news about the aforementioned players choosing not to get vaccinated caused a storm on Twitter with many sports media openly criticizing them. Clay Travis, who is a political commentator, sports journalist, writer, lawyer, radio host, television analyst, media personality and founder of OutKick, slammed ‘the blue check brigade members in sports media’ for their criticism, calling them ‘sheep’.

“Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac says he isn’t getting the covid vaccine because he has natural immunity and data shows he isn’t at risk at all from covid,” he tweeted. “Given all the data on natural immunity providing more protection than vaccinated immunity — every union in the country should be asking why those who had covid & recovered are required to get the vaccine. I had chicken pox. No one has ever made me get the chicken pox vaccine,” he continued.

“It’s also amazing to see all the blue check brigade members in sports media — who are almost all sheep and haven’t looked at the covid data — criticizing Jonathan Isaac and other NBA players for making rational, logical decisions about their health.”

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