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Rob Pelinka on 3 goals Lakers had for offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers completely revamped their roster during this offseason with no less than 10 new players. It will be a new-look team that will aim to accomplish the same goal which is to win a championship.

According to the Lakers GM Rob Pelinka, there were 3 things that the team wanted to improve during the offseason. “I think that going into the draft and free agency there were really three primary goals and objectives that we wanted to accomplish with the roster,” he said.

“One, was adding playmaking or a primary playmaker. Two, was shooting. And then three, was shifting back to especially defensively a model of two rebounding defensive centers like we had when we won the championship in 2020. Those were the goals we had in ind and I think if you look at the complexion of the roster, we feel like we addressed each of those three goals. That was something we set out to do so we feel good about that.”

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