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Los Angeles Lakers Named As One Of USA’s Most Fashionable Sports Brands

  • A new report reveals which U.S. sports team has the most popular and fashionable apparel.
  • The data highlights the Dallas Cowboys as having the most fashionable brand in U.S. professional sports. 
  • The NBA offers the most fashionable apparel, with the franchise appearing on the top-20 list more than any other league.
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U.S. sports have become a multi-billion-dollar spectacle built into American culture, with the top-five franchises bringing in millions of supporters from around the globe. As a result, the world of U.S. sports has witnessed a significant increase in the wearing of sports apparel. But which teams and franchises are cashing in the most on stylish supporter wear?

Through the utilization of social listening data, a new report from The Action Network reveals the top-20 U.S. sports teams with the greatest apparel presence online. By filtering team-specific sports apparel terms used online over the last year, 411,000 posts were analyzed to reveal which team appeared the most.

The Most Fashionable Teams

After ranking all teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS, it was discovered that the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys ranked as the most fashionable U.S. sports team, featuring in 16,428 posts over the last year.

Observing the data, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls came out as the second-most fashionable, followed by the L.A. Lakers and Miami Heat. It’s also important to note the NBA was identified as the most popular sports franchise, having 10 of the top-20 teams. This was followed by the NFL, which ranked seven times, and MLB, which ranked three.

While the NHL and MLS did not rank in the top-20, the NHL’s Washington Capitals appeared 36th in the full list while the MLS’ L.A. Galaxy appeared 91st — the highest of each franchise.

The full list and rankings of the top-20 can be seen below:

Sports TeamNumber of PostsSports Franchise
Dallas Cowboys16,428NFL
Chicago Bulls16,313NBA
Los Angeles Lakers15,493NBA
Miami Heat14,261NBA
Cleveland Browns10,349NFL
New York Yankees9,670MLB
New England Patriots9,593NFL
Milwaukee Bucks8,334NBA
Golden State Warriors7,277NBA
Brooklyn Nets7,020NBA
Cleveland Indians6,770MLB
Chicago Cubs6,555MLB
Kansas City Chiefs6,271NFL
Phoenix Suns6,117NBA
Pittsburgh Steelers5,948NFL
Philadelphia 76ers5,905NBA
Boston Celtics5,821NBA
Utah Jazz5,654NBA
Green Bay Packers5,599NFL
Chicago Bears5,557NFL

For further information, please visit the site here: https://www.actionnetwork.com/general/the-most-fashionable-sports-franchises-in-the-us

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