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The Basketball World Is Getting Ready for an Unforgettable NBA Season

The Olympic Games are over, the Milwaukee Bucks are done celebrating their first title after half a century, and now it is time for the beginning of the regular season of the NBA. With several teams significantly upgrading their rosters and with a number of superstars picking trades that will increase their chances of winning the title instead of adding a few extra millions in their bank accounts, this year will definitely be one to remember. The one thing that fans can be sure about is that the battles between Eastern and Western Conference teams will leave their mark in basketball history. The Diamond Jubilee season of the NBA is about to begin, and the association’s executives will do everything in their power to make it unforgettable.

Basketball is not just a 5 on 5 contact sport. It is an activity that creates idols, that inspires “Cinderella” stories and that affects the fashion and entertainment industries. People from all over the world want to dress like the NBA superstars, they want to play video games like NBA 2K22 or casino games such as Basketball Star on Fire, or watch movies like “Above the Rim”, “Space Jam” and “He Got Game”. All of these trends are positively affected by the impact the NBA has on basketball fans of all ages and ethnicities. Those who remember the nineties will definitely remember the “Be like Mike” motto that shaped the mentalities of a whole generation of youngsters, who were copying the moves of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Clyde Drexler and Karl Malone.

The Ongoing “Give and Take” Within the Franchise

Every General Manager wants to write history by winning the 75th Anniversary NBA title and because of that, over the last two months, the NBA team executives have been working tirelessly in order to prepare their teams for a very demanding season. Dozens of players have already been traded, many have signed extensions, and some NBA superstars are preparing for their next trade. The NBA teams are stretching their budgets to the limit in order to get enough manpower and, on many occasions, the amounts communicated for player contracts are more than just unreasonable. The franchise normally finds ways to cover its expenses through the multimillion-dollar deals that come with the acquisitions of players, but there are always cases where it feels like money is being thrown in a bucket of fire.

Who Will Win This Year’s NBA Title?

Last year, the Milwaukee Bucks went above and beyond in order to claim the title. Giannis performed incredibly over and over again, rightfully claiming the league title and several individual player awards. Things are not going to be as easy for the champions this year, as Easter Conference contenders like the Nets, the Heat and the Celtics seem ready to overthrow the Bucks and to go on winning the Conference championship and to claim a spot in the NBA finals. As for the Western Conference, the Lakers are ready for their comeback, putting all their money on increasing their offensive quality. Last year’s finalists Suns seem to have realised that defence is great, but it does not take you all the way, and because of that, they have decided to gradually change their playing style. As for the Warriors, fans are hopeful that the team’s bad luck period is over and that Steve Kerr is ready to take his very athletic squad all the way to the finals.

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