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Ben Simmons intends to “never play” again for 76ers

Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons will not report for the opening of training camp that begins Sept. 28 and intends to never play another game for the franchise, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Simmons hasn’t spoken to the team since a late August meeting when he communicated this message to 76ers officials.

Simmons is aware of the penalties he will face for not showing up to camp, as the organization could fine or suspend him, including withholding salary, but Simmons appears willing to carry out a plan of forcing his way to a new team, Wojnarowski adds.

The 76ers have not yet found a trade partner for him.

The 76ers previously tried to convince Simmons, a three-time All-Star, to report to camp, but it was to no avail.

Now that the 25-year-old has made his plans clear, the franchise can shift their focus and begin to inquire to teams about what type of trade packages they can get in return for the former No. 1 overall pick.

There’s no telling when a deal will be made, as it could come within the four weeks before the start of the season, or it may not happen until further into the season.

“There are a few deals you could say, we do this, and we’ll gamble that sometime later, we’ll take draft picks and turn it back into having (a title) chance,” a team source told Kyle Neubeck of PhillyVoice.com. “But why do that? … There’s no reason to go get draft picks right now because you could just do it all at once. Why take the risk that you do that and you can’t flip back out of it? It makes no sense with Joel Embiid in his prime.”

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