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JaVale McGee on Klay Thompson: “He did not hurt his arm”

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Former Warriors’ big JaVale McGee shared his thoughts on Klay Thompson, who is expected to return to action after missing the last two years due to multiple injuries.

McGee talked for his former teammate during his recent appearance in Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” show. McGee believes he will see ‘old’ Klay upon his return.

(via NBC Sports Bay Area)

“I expect the old Klay [Thompson] to tell the truth,” McGee told Shannon Sharpe. “The only thing I see will maybe be slacking in that first month of the season is defense, just because you know how aggressive Klay is and how good he is on defense.

I don’t think you’re gonna get those reps in the off-season or practice on the defensive end. So I think that first month he’s gonna struggle a little bit on defense, but offensively he didn’t hurt his arm. Ain’t nothing wrong with his arm, so that boy’s gonna shoot.”

Thompson played his last competitive game in June 2019. Ever since he experienced two big injuries layoffs. The Warriors seem desperate to get Klay Thompson back, after missing the playoffs the last two years.

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