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DeAndre Jordan on opportunity to win championship with Lakers

Photo by AP – Scanpix

Like many other veterans who joined the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, DeAndre Jordan expects the team to compete for a championship. The 33-year-old center was on the Clippers team that was among the favorites to win it all, last season he was in a similar situation in Brooklyn, however it didn’t work out.

“I think the opportunity is the same,” Jordan said during his intro press conference when talking about the opportunity to win a ring with the Lakers. “But I do think and the way that I approach the game is the same. Obviously, as you get older and you start to see different things.

“Obviously with the Clippers teams we had some bad luck. On the team I was on last year we had a little bad luck with injuries and some small things like that. Bu you never want to take it for granted. You want to come in and do everything you can to try to stay as healthy as you possibly can and learn from the game before but not harp on it as much, move on to the next thing because it is a long season. You kind of got to have a quick memory but be able to adjust as much as possible.

“I’m excited to be able to be here and jell with these guys and build chemistry. It’s going to be a process but we’re all ready and excited for it.”

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