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James Worthy on Frank Vogel managing Lakers rotation this coming season

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Frank Vogel will have a big task of balancing the Los Angeles Lakers rotation after the team added a whole bunch of veteran players this offseason. According to Lakers legend James Worthy, he has the right type of personality to be able to handle the challenge.

“One thing about coach Vogel one of his major assets is his ability to communicate with his players,” Worthy said on SPectrum SportsNet. “Historically I’ve always heard that he’s a man of his word, he comes to you right away, you hear from him first I think we experienced that a little bit this past season when he had to make some decisions about how he’d wanna play like Marc Gasol after [Andre] Drummond came in.

“And also with veteran players like [Markieff] Morris decide when their minutes were better for the team and when they were not. I think he’ll continue that. He seems to have had that over his career. I think it’s the nuclear of players LeBron, AD, now we got Rondo coming back.

“I think they all seem to agree and adhere to his philosophy. Defense first and then everything seems to trickle down. I don’t foresee it as a problem and I think for most of the veteran players who are coming here Carmelo, Wayne Ellington, guys like that, [Kendrick] Nunn coming in from Miami, I think they have a pretty good idea of what they’re gonna get. [Kent] Bazemore made a comment about with Vogel he lays it out there, you have to earn it. And I think that’s what most players like to get.”

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