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DeMar DeRozan on fit with Chicago Bulls: “It’s basketball”

DeMar DeRozan San Antonio Miami
Photo: San Antonio Spurs

DeMar DeRozan introduced himself for the first time as a member of the Chicago Bulls on Friday, talking about his fit with the rest of the team’s squad.

The former Spurs and Raptors superstar called out his critics, claiming that the most important part of the process is the will to win.

“It’s basketball,” DeRozan said, per Sam Smith of NBA.com. “Lot of people I see criticizing, talking about ‘fit this, fit that’ have probably never even played basketball. Being a basketball player, you go out, play at the park.

Some of your best is against guys you don’t even know that you go out there and compete with. But for me, if everybody is on the same page mentality and wants to win, it don’t matter about a fit.

Because it’s all gonna come together how it needs to come together and make it work because at the end of the day the common denominator is winning.”

The veteran swingman comes to Chicago with a career average of 20.1 points per game, while he has improved his playmaking over the last three seasons, averaging more than six assists per contest.

“I never really get caught up in all this stuff about, ‘Oh, this fit. This, this, this.’ End of the day, you bring that mentality of winning and everything gonna come together how it need to come together.”

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