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Mikal Bridges shouts out E’Twaun Moore for helping with his offense, Devin Booker praises Bridges’ defense after Game 2 win

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Mikal Bridges is playing lights out basketball for the Phoenix Suns in the 2021 NBA Finals, averaging 20.5 PPG/4.0 RPG/1.0 APG/1.0 SPG on shooting numbers of 46.4% FG/38.5% 3-PT/100.0% FT. Bridges has contributed on both sides of the ball all year, as he found efficient ways to score points and effectively guarded other team’s star players in his best season yet. During postgame of Game 2, Mikal recognized veteran teammate E’Twaun Moore for helping him improve offensively, while Suns All Star Devin Booker praised Bridges’ skillset as a defender.

(Via NBA):

Mikal Bridges: I have my teammates and I’ll give E’Twaun Moore a shoutout, he’s the one that talks to me. I know especially in that Clippers series when I wasn’t getting it going, he was just like, ‘Mix it up, try and get to the rim.’ And I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s what I was doing and I just forgot.’ I was trying to just hit a three and once I started doing that, it just opens up my game just playing off my jump shot and getting into the paint and trying to have everything, for sure.”

Devin Booker: “He takes a lot of pressure off of everybody. And the most impressive part is he’s always guarding the most dynamic scorer on the other team. Middleton is not an easy matchup, and that’s his matchup every night and he has to do a lot on the other end. So, for him to still have his legs, still have his focus to make the plays that he did, it takes a lot of pressure off everybody, me, Chris, Deandre. It makes it a lot easier for everybody.”

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