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Mikal Bridges: “It’s known that we’re together and we show it”

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When it came to team chemistry, few clubs had togetherness like the Phoenix Suns demonstrated in 2020-2021. From starters to the bench, every player has been locked into bringing the best out of each other. The Suns’ close-knit nature was on full display during Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night, as six guys scored in double figures. 

Despite the Suns not having any former champions on their roster, they do have a 2x NCAA champ in Mikal Bridges from his time at Villanova University. Bridges certainly understands that winning takes togetherness from everyone, saying after Game 1 that Phoenix’s strong bond is vividly shown in the way they play.

(Via NBA):

“It’s just every day. We preach it every day. It’s never just, okay, let’s be together. It’s known that we’re together and we show it. We don’t fake it. We don’t try to be together. It’s just natural every time we see each other. We’re a family. I love these guys. We’re just happy we won today. Got to keep getting better and get ready for Game 2.”

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