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Former Warrior Ekpe Udoh on being traded to the Bucks: “That kind of shook me up”

Photo: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

2010 Warriors Lottery Pick Ekpe Udoh happened to be playing the best basketball of his career when he was traded to Milwaukee back in 2012. Udoh averaged 9.8 PPG/4.9 RPG/1.8 BPG in his last ten games right before being dealt. The former #6 overall pick recently looked back on the deal, saying that getting traded while in such a nice rhythm was difficult to grasp.

(Via Jefe Island):

“That kind of shook me up just because at the time I was playing the best basketball of my career. I get through with my shooting, I’m feeling good. We beat the Clippers, we’re like two games under .500, so we’re making some noise. I get done shooting, slap hands with the coach that was working with me and I see all these people around the court. I’m just like, ‘Man, it must be going down, I wonder who’s about to get traded?’

“I walk into the joint, Coach Jackson pulled me to the side and said, ‘Unfortunately, you’ve been traded.’ That really hit me, my heart dropped. I’m just sitting in the locker room like, ‘Man, just when I’m hooping, I get traded to Milwaukee.’ I almost shed a couple of tears. I was all over the place mentally.”

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