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LeBron James hits out at NBA over schedule, blames league for injuries to big-name stars this year

LeBron James says he warned the NBA over starting the season as early as it did.

LeBron James
Photo: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez

LeBron James has lashed out at the NBA, criticizing the league over its scheduling of the 2021 season, one in which several top stars suffered serious injuries. Both LeBron and Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis spent time out over the course of the regular season and were hardly the only stars to get sidelined after what was the shortest offseason in league history.

James took to Twitter on Wednesday to make claims of being against the season starting when it did, blaming the NBA for the multiple injuries suffered across the board.

“They all didn’t wanna listen to me about the start of the season,” he wrote to start off a string of tweets. “I knew exactly what would happen. I only wanted to protect the well being of the players which ultimately is the PRODUCT & BENEFIT of OUR GAME! These injuries isn’t just “PART OF THE GAME”.

LeBron also sent words of encouragement to Kawhi Leonard, who is believed to have suffered an ACL tear during Game 4 of the Los Angeles Clippers’ second-round Western Conference series against the Utah Jazz.

The four-time NBA champion was also critical of the NBA when the new play-in format was announced ahead of the playoffs.

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