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These players will leave Lakers, predicts Colin Cowherd

Anthony Davis, LeBron James
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With ten players set to become free agents the Los Angeles Lakers will have some decision making to do during the coming offseason. In addition to that, the 2020 NBA champions will have to decide on what trades to make as well.

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd predicted which players from the current roster will continue wearing Purple and Gold and which will part ways with the team.

According to him, both superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis will return the coming season. Meanwhile, he thinks that that the team’s starting point guard Dennis Schroder will not rejoin the Lakers.

“LeGone,” Cowherd said about Schroder. “0/9 shooting in Game 6. He’s seeking over $20+ million annually. The Lakers already made him an offer of four years $84 million an extension and he turned it down.

“So he’s gonna go big contract hunting. I think there are times I like him a lot. He’s good player. He comes with some drama. He can be really inconsistent. But I think he’s gone.”

Another player to part ways with the Lakers, according to Cowherd, is Kyle Kuzma. “He never started a playoff game. He’s a bench guy. I just don’t think the body language.. I think LeBron gets frustrated with him a lot. He averaged 6 points in the playoffs. He’s making a lot of money for 6 points. He can start for somebody in this league, middle team. I think LeBron’s over him.”

Cowherd thinks that Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will return. He is represented by Klutch Spots, the same agency that represents James and Davis, among other Lakers players.

Andre Drummond, who joined the team in April as a free agent, should remain with the team, according to Cowherd. “Here’s why,” he said. “Anthony Davis hates playing the five. They have no other big. He led the team in rebounds. He’s the only Laker that averaged over 10 points [rebounds] a game.

“So they’re going to have to work out his contract. But you got to have a body in this league when you’re playing 6 or 7 teams. I think the Lakers figure out a way to keep him.”

Meanwhile, another newcomer Montrezl Harrell will playing elsewhere, predicts Cowherd. “That’s another reason you keep Andre Drummond,” he explained. “He was the Sixth Man of the Year. He said after the playoffs ‘I played what I was asked to play.’ Obviously he was in. Vogel loves bigs and Vogel and he did not work. There was a reputation last year he and Doc [Rivers] had their issues.”

Cowherd also predicts that Alex Caruso will stay with the Lakers because LeBron likes playing alongside and he does like playing with James as well.

Two veteran newcomers Wesley Matthews and Marc Gasol will most likely leave the team, according to Cowherd.

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