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Mike Conley on facing Memphis in the playoffs: “It’s surreal”

Rudy Gobert Mike Conley
Photo: Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Jazz took the lead (2-1) in the series against the Grizzlies after Saturday’s 121-111 win to reclaim the home advantage. Former Memphis superstar Mike Conley was an important factor for Utah in Game 3.

The veteran point guard made an impressive return to his beloved Memphis pouring 27 points with nine assists and seven rebounds. He made seven threes matching his playoff career-high.

(via Nick Friedell of ESPN):

“It’s amazing to be playing against a guy like Ja, first off,” Conley said, after Game 3. “Just seeing a guy that’s so talented, he’s a young superstar in the league, wearing the jersey that I’m so used to wearing.

Getting the cheers from the crowd that I’m so used to hearing. It’s surreal. It’s like full circle. You never thought that it would be this way. I never did, at least.

“It’s like sometimes you live long enough to become the villain, and I’ve become that for the Memphis Grizzlies now. Just got to take that in stride, continue to do what I do and have fun with that, have fun with the game.”

Memphis and Utah will face off again on Monday for Game 4 of the NBA playoffs opening round series.

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