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LeBron James acknowledges ankle is still an issue ahead of Game 4 between Lakers and Suns

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Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

LeBron James has faced a lingering ankle issue since after the All-Star Game as the Los Angeles Lakers were hoping to hold their own at the top of the Western Conference.

James admitted the ankle issue is still bothering after Game 3 of the series between the Lakers and the Suns, who are fighting for a place in the Wetern Conference semifinals.

“Obviously it’s been a rough year on me as far as physically with my ankle and dealing with that trying to get it back to where it was before the injury,” LeBron said, via Ron Gutterman of Lakers Nation.

“But every day is a step forward and we’ll continue to put the work into it with my treatment around the clock, getting it to, like I said, where it was before the injury and until then my teammates will continue to hold me down while I try to make plays for them.”

James missed the latter part of the regular season with a high ankle sprain. Since then, the Lakers’ superstar is trying to return close to full strength.

His latest performance against the Suns could hint that James is finally getting comfortable. The Lakers’ superstar finished Game 3 with 21 points, six rebounds and nine assists, shooting 8-for-12 in the painted area.

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