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Basketball: How to start betting on Basketball and win. A comprehensive guide for newbie basketball bettors

Basketball is a game that is played amongst friends, and those good enough players that make it might end up playing in the NBA. If you are new at tempting your luck at basketball betting sites, here we will give you some hints and tips on how to make it in the basketball gambling world, and hopefully win along the way too. 

You can bet on traditional basketball games, but at the end of the day knowledge is key and with the help of the bookmakers.bet team, we will give you all you need to confidently bet on basketball games. So let’s get down to it, shall we?

How to bet and win at basketball odds

Unlike other sports such as football or boxing, basketball is quite a fast paced sport.  5 mins ago, your favorite team could be losing, whilst now, 5 minutes later, with some offense and some high jumps, the team could be winning. This is how fast basketball is.  This means that basketball betting sites would be updating odds all throughout the course of the game and more. If you keep track of the game and also update your odds during the course of the game, you could very easily make a quick buck at the most elite basketball betting sites. On the other hand, if there is no strategy in your betting, you could lose your bets and winnings quite easily, hence some tactic and some strategy is valuable to use and apply. 

What is the best strategy to apply in your basketball game?

If you ask any top bettor at basketball betting sites, they would definitely advise you to read and read some more.  Strategy is key when it comes to sports betting. You can enjoy many sports, and each sport would employ its own betting strategy. Boxing has its own, with the KO odds and also the amount of rounds the game will have.  Football you can bet on how many goals will be scored, if any hat tricks will be present and also extra time.  Just like other sports, there is a strategy to use when betting on basketball, and using strategy will evidently get you places, and hopefully you will win too. 

Betting on a sport does not mean that you predict who will finish off winning the game, although that is a betting strategy that you can employ.  Yet if you want to win some big wins when betting on basketball, it would be best to get some basic knowledge of the game. If let’s say the LA Lakers are playing and the Hornets, you would normally want to bet on the Lakers as they are the favourites, however your win will be quite small compared to other bets. If you want to win at basketball odds, the best way forward is to bet in value odds. 

The art of comparing odds

If you want to make it at basketball betting sites, comparing odds is an important element of basketball sports betting. Everyone wants to win at basketball betting, and keeping track of what is happening in the game is a good place to start. What sports website A gives you in terms of odds could be completely different than site B. It is important that you compare sites, and place your money at the basketball betting sites that offer the best outcome for you. You can do this online from the comfort of your own home, you can check 1 site and another site the next minute, once you make the comparisons on the odds, check which basketball betting site will give you the best return on your money, and this is when you should place your bet. Think the NBA and all the other leagues that you could bet on, plus scooping a welcome offer or a deposit match online at your favourite bookie is always a plus!

How are odds compiled by bookmakers?

The art of placing odds and crafting the odds have always been a topic of interest to many sports betting fans.  Many times we ask how would team A have a better advantage on Team B, and how would bookies predict that the match will delve into who will be scoring. It is an important element to know how odds are compiled, as this will help you make a rational decision on where and how to place your money. 

One of the most important things to think about is probability. The first thing that a basketball bookmaker will look at is the probability of the outcome of the game.  This is always the starting point of placing odds and drafting them.  Once that winner is outlined, some mathematical calculations take place to draft the first set of odds.  The basketball bookie would start off with placing the fair odds, meaning issuing the probability of the possible outcomes of the match, that sometimes is based on 3 outcomes. 

Keeping in mind that there are 3 outcomes for a match, offering fair odds only, this means that having only fair odds will not drive any profit. Fair odds will mean that the basketball bookmaker would need to pay all the bettors and punters a 100%, and this means he would not drive any profit. In a normal betting scenario, when placing odds, the bookmaker would multiply the fair odds by 0.9, paying the punter 90% and making a small profit of 10%.  This is the basic formula for placing odds, and the bookmaker can decide to use another formula to make the odds more attractive or not. 

How is profit made on odds?

Many times we question how bookies have similar odds, but not the same.  Well, odds vary as per the following:

  1. Formula that is used by the bookie when multiplying the fair odds.This means that some bookies would be offering higher or lower odds.
  2. Mathematical calculations would vary, some are done manually, and some are done automatically by computer and machines automatically. 

It is quite a daunting process to keep track of all the odds and analysis that basketball betting sites are placing. There are too many to keep track of.  If you want to start off with basketball betting, looking at the game and learning about the various tactics is a good place to start. Remember that betting on the obvious winner is not the best choice for betting and will never give you the best return on your money.  Hence, looking at the player profiles and also their track record is one thing to keep in mind.  If you know what a player is capable of, you can bet on how will be able to score and how many goals also. Also keep track of injuries that are present in teams, as this also will play a big role in your basketball betting strategy. 

The art of spreading bets

When you want to place bets, spreading bets is also a good strategy to employ.  Let us keep in mind that basketball athletes playing on their home turf is always a plus. And some teams even if they are not playing home, their respective track record will give them an advantage on the other teams. Just remember to always check out the line up of the players that are taking the pitch, as this plays a big role on the overall team and the morale in general. 

If a team has suffered a massive defeat in the previous games, chances are that the said team would want a comeback. And betting on this team would be a good strategy with good chances of winning. Studies conducted by sports experts show that if a team loses by 15 points and more, the next game, they have over 60% of winning. So, you have a 60% chance of winning some money if you bet on the respective team. 

The end ….let’s place our bets

Now that we have given you some hints and tips on how to make it at the basketball betting sites, you can confidently bet on matches that you follow. Remember to start off your basketball betting with getting acquainted with the basics of basketball, with also looking and how teams have performed in previous matches

Once you have mastered all the info on basketball, you can place your bets!

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