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LeBron James to fans in Staples Center: “The road back-to-back starts in about a week”

LeBron James Lakers Finals
Photo: Twitter/NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally had their banner raising ceremony to celebrate their 17th NBA championship which the team won back in October of last year.

With just a couple of regular season games left to play the reigning NBA champions find themselves in the 7th place in the Western Conference and are most likely to have to fight for a place in playoffs via the play-in tournament.

Lakers star LeBron James, who missed the game against the Houston Rockets, attended the ceremony and gave a speech to the fans that have gathered in Staples Center.

“On behalf of my teammates, coaching staff, training staff, myself and other team captain AD, we would not send this banner to the rafters without you guys,” the four-time NBA champion said.

“And I know we’re missing a lot of our Laker faithful but this absolutely for you guys. We said we would not reveal this banner we had some of you guys in the seats so this is you guys moment.

“We had our ring night we wanted you guys there but made sure we saved the banner for y’all. We love you guys and on the road back-to-back starts in about a week. Let’s get going.”

LeBron and AD both said they're ready to try to go back-to-back at the banner ceremony 🏆 #Shorts
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