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James Worthy on Lakers’ loss vs. Kings: “That was really ugly and really a stinker”

The Los Angeles Lakers have now lost five of their last six games after getting defeated by the Sacramento Kings 106-110, despite having LeBron James make a comeback.

The reigning NBA champions collapsed in the fourth quarter, losing it by 14 points (18-32). According to James Worthy, who won three titles as a Laker, the game was ugly.

“That was really ugly and really a stinker,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet. “The return of LeBron James, you get AD back, you get the full strength back. But what’s missing is, I think their timing’s off, I think before LeBron came back, before AD came back they had a certain type of style of energy that was there just about every night whether they were losing or not.

“And tonight they were out of sync. They were out of sync. The return of LeBron, trying to acclimate everybody together, they were really stagnant, no motion at all on the offense which caused the turnovers. And then Sacramento capitalized on those turnovers.

“It wasn’t any snap in the Lakers defense at all tonight. It just seemed like they, LeBron was back, maybe they thought it was an automatic win. Sacramento’s pitiful team. They’re not that good.”

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