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Richard Jefferson talks about the time Michael Jordan destroyed the Nets

Michael Jordan
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Richard Jefferson has played alongside and against several great players during his illustrious NBA career. Jefferson described how Michael Jordan came back to haunt the Brooklyn Nets after Jason Kidd and co. gave them the worst loss of the season.

During his appearance in the Called Game podcast with Kenny Beecham, the 2016 NBA Champion described Jordan’s greatness, even in his later stage of his career playing for the Washington Wizards.

(via fadeawayworld.net):

“The real reason why Jordan is so amazing to me is because (with) Jordan coming back, we actually gave Jordan his worst loss ever. He comes to Jersey, we’re up by 40 at half-time, their team wasn’t very good, and he was a little tired. So, we’re cruising, we’re crushing them.

So, he doesn’t even play the second half, the game is over, fans are mad… But the next time we play them a couple of weeks later, he made sure to get his rest, he came after us. And what was so ballistic about that game is that this was back when the scores were like 92. So, he scored half their points, there was like nothing we could do to stop him.”

Although Jordan time with the Wizards was not the as successful as in Chicago, Jefferson’s story shows how the NBA legend could take over a game, even past his prime.

(Jefferson talks about Jordan at the 14:00 mark)

Richard Jefferson | Called Game | Episode 1

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