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Things To Consider When Betting On Basketball

NBA Basketball betting
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Betting on basketball is much easier as compared to other sports. Due to its simplistic scoring of points and the fact that most people know at least the basics of playing basketball, betting on basketball is easy. 

Initially, you will have to go by the theoretical strategies and types of bets you can make. If you get a hand on it after a while, framing strategies on your own become easier and effective. 

Here are some of the basic things to consider when getting started with sports betting at Pinnacle on basketball. 

Follow Preseason Basketball Matches

You should at least be following and watching the NBA over the years to qualify yourself as a basketball fan and be betting on it. If you are following other basketball leagues like the Greek Heba A1 league, Spain’s Liga ACB, and others, that’s all the better. 

Whichever leagues match you are betting on, take note of the previous winners, the best players, and top teams. 

Check The Team’s Playing Schedule

Next, before betting on a team, check the schedule of teams. The team which has back-to-back games in a week naturally is unable to perform its best. 

With back-to-back matches, players get no time to rest and take a toll on their performance. This can be one crucial factor while putting a bet on such teams. It helps in predicting the result of the game better. Also, other factors like if they are traveling to far-off places to play the match, how far the season has come may help in making a prediction. 

Three Types Of Bets

There are usually three types of bets in basketball, namely money lines, spread, and over-under. 

Money lines are the easiest to bet on, as here, the bettor has to predict who will win the game. In the spread, the bettor has to bet on the margin by which the game will finish depending on the line specified by bookmakers. 

In over under betting, the bettor has to predict the total points scored by the teams together. Here also, the odds will be listed, and you will have to choose either of the two options – Over or Under. Choosing Over means, you are betting that the total points scored will be more than that specified. On the contrary, choosing Under would mean you are betting that the total points scored would be less than that specified. You can learn more about these bets in our Pinnacle Sports review.

Refrain From Betting On Favourites

Betting doesn’t work well if you are indulged in betting for your favorite team only. Bettors are carried away by their love for their favorite team and are conditioned to believe that their favorite will win. 

However, when betting, you should keep the love for your favorite team aside. Refrain from betting on your favorite team and only bet on it when you are sure about your strategy. 

Also, don’t believe in the advice and strategies given by some professionals. It is most commonly used as a strategy to create false hype. Always bet against public opinion. Don’t trust anyone’s opinion, and stay firm on your betting strategy, weighing in all the ins and outs. 

Check Out For Home Underdogs

Teams playing at their home work hard to win at their home court. Especially if the team is an underdog, the team playing at home is most likely to cover the spread. 

Also, the other team when it has taken a big lead can make their second players play the rest of the game. As for the teams, it only matters if they win, and the points margin doesn’t matter. 

This can act as a good betting strategy to predict the outcome of the game. 

Check On Past Head-To-Head Matchups

It provides a good insight on how the team will be performing against another by seeing their previous head-to-head matchups. Take into consideration which team ended up winning or losing most games when they play against each other. This gives a hint as to which team would have the upper hand and would most likely win. 


These were some of the easy basics of basketball betting. Even the top teams end up losing few matches in the season. Predicting such matches provide a greater chance of winning big as not many people bet on underdogs.

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