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Derrick Rose says Tom Thibodeau improved as a coach

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Derrick Rose played under New York Knicks’ head coach Tom Thibodeau in Chicago and Minnesota. The 2011 MVP claimed Thibodeau improved as a coach since his time with the Bulls and the Wolves.

(via New York Post):

“It shows that he’s improved as a coach. He’s already a great coach, but every year he’s improving and adjusting,” Rose said on Friday after practice ahead of the Knicks vs. Raptors matchup Saturday.

“That’s the big difference that I see with him this year. He’s giving guys more freedom to go out there and play the way they want. He’s being positive on the court.”

The Knicks are on an eight-game winning streak having the fourth best record in the Eastern Conference with less than 15 games remaining for the end of the regular season.

Thibodeau is emerging as a potential candidate for the Coach of the Year award this season leading the Knicks to their first potential postseason appearance since 2013.

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