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Anthony Davis on playing alongside Andre Drummond

Anthony Davis
Photo: LakersdaMassa/Twitter

Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond played their first game together with the Los Angeles Lakers as their team lost to the Dallas Mavericks (110-115). After the game, AD talked about his experience of playing together with Drummond.

“Our defense looked really good to start the game,” the 28-year-old forward said. “We were really talking and flying around guys who’s covering for each other. That’s the good thing of having another defensive player out there in Drum.

“Firstly, we will just figure it out. It comes with time. Like I said, we had one practice together and now 16 minutes to play with each other.

That’s going to come with time, just like when Bron comes back we’re going to reset again and try to get him back acclimated with as well.

We continuously talk and try to figure things out. He’s asking questions. I’m trying direct him where I want him to be where I have the ball in the post. It’ll take time but we’ll figure it out for sure.”

Davis played 17 minutes in his first game in 2.5 months. He scored 4 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. Meanwhile, Drummond stayed on the court for 31 minutes as he had another double-double of 14 points and 19 rebounds.

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