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Lakers management told LeBron James to take more time off after his injury, speculates Skip Bayless

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Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Back on March 20, LeBron James had to exit the game against the Atlanta Hawks, due to an ankle injury. He has not played since then and is expected to be out for another three weeks.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless thinks there is something more behind James’ recovery. The co-host of UNDISPUTED pointed out the fact that after suffering the injury LeBron remained on the court for some time and was able to walk to the locker room on both feet.

According to Bayless, it did not look like the injury was too serious. Later tests showed that there was no structural damage in his foot. Prior to getting injured, James played big minutes despite being 36 years old and playing in his 18th NBA season.

Adding the longevity of the four-time NBA champion, it makes Bayless think that his return date was pushed as far as possible in order for him to get as mush rest as possible, not because of the injury.

“I believe somebody got to LeBron upstairs, I don’t if it was [Rob] Pelinka, Jeanie [Buss] or somebody, and said: ‘Hey, let’s just back off. We have a legitimate excuse here let’s maximize your time off,'” Bayless said on UNDISPUTED.

“If it’s 4 to 6, let’s take 6 [weeks] so that when you do come back and AD does come back, they hope, full strength, then LeBron will be completely utterly rested. What was this the shortest offseason he’s ever had? He will completely utterly ready to go full bore in the playoffs.”

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