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Andre Drummond has been thrust into spotlight he does not deserve, says Skip Bayless

Andre Drummond Lakers
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Sports analyst Skip Bayless insists that Andre Drummond is under too much pressure after joining the Los Angeles Lakers. He once again focused on the team’s owner Jeanie Buss posting a picture comparing her and Drummond to her late father Jerry and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The co-host of UNDISPUTED shared his thoughts after the debut of the 27-year-old center against the Milwaukee Bucks. “Welcome Kareem Abdul-Drummond, Laker savior!” Bayless made the opening statement.

“And allow me to say how sorry I feel for this still young man. Because he’s been thrust into spotlight he does not deserve at this point in his career because he’s done nothing to deserve Laker savior status.

“And I still say the audacity of Jeanie Buss, and I like Jeanie, but she went completely over the line to post social media pictures comparing her greeting Andre Drummond to her father the great late Dr. Jerry Buss and he was welcoming one Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,” Bayless proceeded by comparing the achievements of Drummond and Abdul-Jabbar.

He then speculated that the injury that the Lakers newcomer suffered in his debut game was possibly a result of accumulated injuries as it is highly unlikely to have his toenail ripped off in a single play.

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