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Kyle Lowry to either sign new Raptors deal or get traded to Heat or 76ers

Lowry is said to be looking for a permanent home.

Kyle Lowry
Photo: NBAE/Getty Images

It’s been reported that Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry will either sign a new contract with his current team by the end of the week or be traded to the Miami Heat or Philadelphia 76ers ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

Lowry is set to make $30.5 million this season and will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer. However, it appears his free agency is already here. That is according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who noted as much on The Hoop Collective, per Bleacher Report.

“Kyle Lowry’s free agency is happening right now. The expectation is that Kyle Lowry is going to have a new contract by the end of this week. It’s either going to be to stay in Toronto—whether it’s signed or an understanding that it’s going to happen—it’s going to be Miami or it’s going to be Philadelphia. Those are the three options.”

Lowry, who helped lead the Raptors to a championship in 2019, remains a premier point guard in the NBA and would prove a significant upgrade, particularly, for the Heat at point guard. Kendrick Nunn is becoming a force in the league yet not quite there yet. Goran Dragic, on the other hand, has suffered multiple injuries over the last few seasons and, despite being a formidable competitor when healthy, isn’t as available as the team would like him to be.

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