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Warriors a team to watch at trade deadline, per NBA insider


Golden State Warriors could be among the teams to watch ahead of the trade deadline on March 25, per NBA insider Tom Haberstroh of TrueHoop.

In particular, a general manager said to Haberstroh Golden State will be active in the trade market, due to the first-round draft pick they owned from the Minnesota Timberwolves from the D’Angelo Russell trade.

(via Bleacher Report):

“Golden State is the team to watch right now,” an unnamed GM told Haberstroh. “No one knows what they’re going to do with that pick.”

The selection is a Top-3 protected pick with Minnesota having the worst record in the league for the first part of the season.

Minnesota’s next year’s pick will be unprotected in case the Wolves have a Top-3 selection, so the Warriors are expected to get a first-rounder from the Wolves within the next two seasons.

In their current record (7-29), the Timberwolves’ pick is not expected to fall out of the Top-5 of the 2021 NBA Draft. As a result, the Warriors could have a valuable asset at their disposal, if they want to upgrade their roster.

The Warriors are on the postseason race having an 19-18 record in the tough Western Conference bouncing back from a horrendous 2019/2020 season (15-50).

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