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Steve Nash shares his thoughts on comparisons to Luka Doncic

Photo: Eric Gay/AP

Luka Doncic is one of the most unique talents in the NBA since he entered the league back in 2018. Doncic draws comparisons to many NBA greats including Steve Nash, who also played for the Mavericks during his NBA career.

The current Nets’ head coach shared his thoughts on the comparison of Luka Doncic to him referring to an important difference between them as players.

“Luka is one of the most exciting talent’s we’ve seen. Do I see some of my myself in him? If I were 6-8 and 230 pounds, yeah. That’s a big difference when you’re 6-2, 175 pounds.”

Nash may be comparable to Doncic talent-wise, however the Mavs’ guard is considered one of the best in the league in just his third season.

Luka is averaging 28.5 points with 8.4 rebounds and nine assists and was recently named a starter for the Western Conference All-Star teams.

Nash was also a great player in his prime scoring the ball at will and running his team’s offense. With Doncic gradually taking over the league, praise from NBA legends, such as Nash, will be more and more frequent.

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