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DeMarcus Cousins: LeBron Should Run For President

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4x NBA All-Star DeMarcus Cousins sat down with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their podcast, “All The Smoke,” and raved about how great of an individual LeBron James actually is. He says he “grew up a fan” of LeBron, but after playing alongside him, he realized how genuine of a person he was.

“I grew up a LeBron fan. I grew up watching bro. I went to his camps. But, to get to know him off the court…. he a real dude. Coming in I did not expect that. I’ve always seen the corporate LeBron, not to say he’s real or fake. I’m just like… I rocks with dude.”

After going on and on about LeBron’s character, he told Jackson and Barnes that he thinks LeBron should consider running for president. He says that because of LeBron’s “impact” and “influence,” he could get the job done. He also added that LeBron’s upbringing and genuine personality would gravitate people towards him and help the country.

DeMarcus Cousins | Ep 16 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Podcast | SHOWTIME Basketball

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