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Howard is under investigation as is mother for child abuse

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On Tuesday, the TalkBasket Daily Gossip column reported Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard being under investigation for child abuse via TMZ.

The child in question is Howard’s 6-year-old son Braylon.

Well, it turns out that so was the child’s mother, Royce Reed.

Via TMZ:

The Florida Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) got a call in February from 6-year-old Braylon’s school, informing authorities the boy had been belted on the back of his neck and leg for using “potty words.”

According to docs, baby mama Royce Reed fessed up and said she did indeed belt the boy because he “dropped the f-bomb” in school. Authorities checked out the kid and there were no obvious marks … she told them she only hit him once with a child fabric belt. The case was closed out, but school officials spoke with Reed and accused her of using excessive force on the child.

Reed reportedly called the Florida Department of Children and Families in August saying that it was Howard that gave Braylon the belt. The Rockets big man is currently under investigation for the incident.

Howard is currently out indefinitely after undergoing a knee procedure.

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