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Lakers’ Anthony Davis speaks on Alex Caruso’s impact

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Photo: Getty Images via CBS

Alex Caruso is a steady contributor for the Los Angeles Lakers doing all the small things on both ends of the floor, especially in the closing moments of a game.

The Lakers’ superstar Anthony Davis praised Caruso for his ability to affect the game in a positive way every time he’s taking the floor.

(via silverscreenandroll.com):

“He’s a smart player,” Davis said. “Like you said, not the highest paid, doesn’t have all the accolades and credentials, and a lot of people don’t notice him, but he plays the right way. He locks up defensively, makes tough shots, scrappy.”

Davis referred to Caruso’s huge defensive play on Jaylen Brown during the last seconds of the close-fought game against the Boston Celtics.

“He’s playing the right way, he’s affecting the game in a positive way. So for him to be out there in the closing lineup, we fully trust him, and he always comes up and makes big plays just like what you saw tonight at the end of the game.”

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