Lakers players praise Dennis Schroder for the energy he brings

Dennis Schroder LeBron James
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Dennis Schroder has been a game changer for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially with the energy he brings defensively.

Schroder received high praise from his teammates and Lakers head coach Frank Vogel for what he does on the floor.

“You saw the energy, man. Right now without fans in Staples Center, which we miss so much, having a defender like Dennis the Menace, being able to pick up fullcourt and get two or three consecutive steals or deflections to get us out on the break, it got us right back into the game. Big time on his part,” LeBron James said.

“We were slow defensively, we were slow offensively. I think in that first quarter they shot 62% from the field, 60% from 3, and we were shooting in the 20s. It started with D.S.’ ball pressure. He got two back-to-back steals and it kind of got us going. We fed off his energy,” Anthony Davis added.

“We talked about what we did in the second half defensively, but I thought Dennis during that stretch really closed the gap. I think we were down 10, 12 points for a lot of that early part of the game, and the fight that he showed, picking up fullcourt, getting those two turnovers, really creating some havoc for their offense positioned us to do what we did in the second half.

It was a one-point game at halftime; could’ve been a 10- to 15-point differential, and I think Dennis was critical in that stretch,” Vogel said about Schroder, via Lakers Nation.

Schroder has helped the Lakers climb to the top of the West, with the best record in the NBA (11-3).