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Snoop Dogg has never been nervous about Clippers since Kawhi Leonard joined them

Paul George, Kawhi Leonard
Photo: essentiallysports.com

Prior to the last season, the Los Angeles Clippers shook the NBA by bringing two superstars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. These two additions turned the team into instant NBA contenders and even favorites to win it all, according to many analysts.

But for the devoted Lakers fan rapper Snoop Dogg it didn’t change anything. While he recognizes that Leonard and George are great players, there is no way they can overthrow his beloved Purple & Gold.

“Laker to a Clipper man, I can’t be faded. We talkin’ about the Clippers, the team that has zero banners, that are opening night champions for fourteen years straight. Have no banners, no nothing,” Snoop told Stephen A. Smith.

“Kawhi is a great player. Paul George is a great player. They got great coaches and homies on their team they do a great job. They’re not the Lakers, man. It’s just something about that Purple & Gold, man. They need to get a whole new stadium and get a whole new stigma ’cause they’re never gonna win playing in our living room.”

The Clippers were tipped to meet the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. However, it did not go the way many expected. It was the Nuggets that ended the Clippers’ playoff journey in the second round.

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