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Popular Basketball Markets to Check Out in 2021

Basketball has established itself as one of the global sensation sports. It is watched by sports lovers from all people, both low and high rollers from around the world. Today, basketball has bypassed popular traditional sports like horse racing, greyhounds as well as American sports. 

One of the best things about basketball is that there are more basketball wagering markets than in football and other sports. Moreover, many NBA events are held almost every night which gives punters more odds to wager on. So, here are some of the most popular markets you can bet in basketball.

Moneyline Bet: This is an outright market where you can wager on a team at any given odds.

Two-Way Bet: This is regarded as the simplest market in basketball where you pick the winner in the game.

Over/Under Bet: You must predict whether the total scored points by the teams will be over or under a certain set line.

Handicap Bet: The handicap or point spread is the most popular of all markets. In this case, a point is added on the stronger team to increase winning opportunities.

Teaser Bets: These are bets with at least two possible odds and allows you to modify point spreads and total.

Halftime/Fulltime Bet: You can bet on the team or player that will score before halftime and at full time.

Quarter/Period Bet: In this case, you wager on total point odds and winning odds in each quarter of the game.

Odd/Even Bet: You predict whether the sum of the teams score will add to an odd or even number.

Proposition Bet: In this case, you may wager on ‘Who will score first’, ‘Will the scoring team win?’ and others.Future Bets: This bet requires you to wager in advance the team that will win the champions.

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