Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA champions
Photo: NBA/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers will make a ‘slow’ start to the season, according to NBA legend Reggie Miller.

Miller believes the Lakers will not play so well early in the season, because they are integrating many new players to the roster.

“You always start out by saying LeBron James and his age. We keep saying that and he keeps proving all of us wrong. He is Mr. Benjamin Button himself. So let’s just take that off the table.

To me the Lakers will at the end of the 72-game regular season be the team to beat. But I think they’ll start slow because you are integrating a lot of new pieces.

If I’m LeBron and if I’m AD (Anthony Davis), I’m not focused in on the first 20 games. Do we want to compete and play well?

Yes But to them, they want to find a rhythm the last 20-25 ballgames. So if they’re hovering around .500 [after 20 games], a few games above it, I’m not gonna think the earth is shattering.

Now come 40 games and they’re hovering around .500, that’s something else,” Miller said, via Lakers Daily.

The Lakers will tip off the season this Tuesday, December 22, when they face the Clippers at Staples Center.