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Real Madrid survived the double OT thriller against Panathinaikos in OAKA

With Real Madrid taking the match to two OT, the Spanish powerhouse survived and got an impressive win in Athens.

Walter Tavares
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

Real Madrid needed ten extra minutes in Athens to get passed Panathinaikos, 93-97 on Tuesday night (15/12). Panathinaikos returned on the match in the second half, tied the game, got the lead and was close to a huge win against one of the best teams in the Euroleague. Real Madrid survived, sent the match to two overtimes and got away with an impressive win.

Walter Tavares was the top scorer for the winners with 20 points while Alberto Abalde scored 19 points, becoming the man of the match. For Panathinaikos, Nemanja Nedovic did everything for his team with 27 points while Ioannis Papapetrou added 18 points.

The Match

After a sloppy start in the first quarter and almost 2 minutes without score for both teams, Real Madrid opened the scored (0-4), playing great defense on Panathinaikos. The Greeks found their firs basket of the game with Shelvin Mack with George Papagiannis tying the game few seconds later (4-4). Panathinaikos got their first lead of the game on the fast break with two points from Aaron White (6-4). Deck tied the game (6-6) but missed their chance to retain the lead with Abalde. Panathinaikos run a 5-0 score and extended their lead to 5 points halfway the first quarter (11-6), with Real Madrid closing the score to two (11-9). With the two teams scoring just nine points in total, Panathinaikos ended the first quarter leading by a single points (15-14).

In the second quarter, Real Madrid scored four points with Tavares and Randolph (15-18) to extend it a bit later with a triple from Thompkins (17-23). Panathinaikos took the score down to three points (20-23) and Bentil made it a single point match later on (22-23). With Causeur and Bentil scoring crucial baskets for their teams and the score to a three point lead for Real Madrid, (24-27), both teams were playing tough on defense. Papapetrou tied the game with a triple (29-29) and Panathinaikos’ first one on the game, with 2 minutes remaining until the end of the half. Tavares was always there helping his team under the basket scoring another two-pointer for Real Madrid (29-31). The two teams ended the first half and headed to the locker rooms with Panathinaikos trailing by 4 points, 29-33.

Photo: Euroleague Basketball

Tavares opened the score in the third quarter for Real Madrid, with Panathinaikos missing their own lay up (29-35). Real Madrid extended their lead to double digits with Randolph (31-41) while Panathinaikos was unable to score easy baskets. Real got their largest lead of the match (31-43) forcing coach Vovoras to a time out. Papagiannis started shooting from distance trying to help his team offensively, while Real Madrid was finding score inside the paint with Tavares, Randolph and Deck (35-47). Panathinaikos’ unforced errors along with Real Madrid’s defense didn’t let them find their way to the opponent basket that easily keeping that 12 -point lead for Real Madrid. Consecutive triples from Carroll and Papapetrou brought the score to 41-52 with two minutes until the end of the quarter remaining. Panathinaikos improved their offense towards the end of the third quarter to end the quarter trailing by 8 points (48-56).

Panathinaikos opened the fourth quarter with a basket from Bentil to bring the difference to 6 points (50-56) with Real Madrid replying with Carroll (50-58). Panathinaikos found three points from Nemanja Nedovic (53-58) and Mitoglou scored his own two pointer to make it a single possession game (55-58). Nedovic was firing for three (58-60) increasing the intensity of the game seven minutes before the end. Papapetrou tied the game with 4 minutes remaining (60-60) forcing Real Madrid to call the time-out. Nedovic gave Panathinaikos their first lead of the match with two free throws (68-66), Llull grabbed the offensive rebound and tied the game with 14” remaining (68-68). Panathinaikos wanted the foul in their last possession, that didn’t happen and we headed to overtime.

Papapetrou opened OT with a big three and with their confidence up high scored another impressive alley-hoop basket after an impressive cooperation between Nedovic and Papagiannis (73-68). Tavares added two more points for Real Madrid, Abalde made one out of his two free throws and Bochoridis registered his first basket of the night for Panathinaikos at a very crucial moment (75-71). Thompkins fired the triple to bring down the differene to a single point (75-74) and Abalde gave the lead back to his team with a two pointer and the extra free throw (75-77). Nedovic scored two free throws, tied the game for once more but Real Madrid had the possession (77-77). Abalde seemed to be the man of the match, scored a very tough lay up with 20” remaining. Cold blooded Bochoridis made both free throws but Real Madrid didn’t manage to score and we headed to a second over time.

In the second overtime, Tavares made an impressive dunk, got the foul from Bochoridis but missed the free throw. Nemanja Nedovic continued his one-man show firing for three and tying the game (82-82). Abalde replied with his own triple to give Real Madrid back the lead (82-85). Papagiannis with a magical alley-hoop made the score 84-85, but Abalde made both free throws (84-87). Panathinaikos was complaining for a foul which was not given, Thompkins scored, Deck extended their lead and Real Madrid got away with a dramatic, 93-97 score.

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