Photo: Brian Babineau/Getty Images

After Kyrie Irving appeared to call the media “pawns’ in his latest statement, his former teammate Kevin Love reacted. Love commented on the Brooklyn Nets’ superstar reaction, as Irving issued a statement after the NBA fined him and his team for not attending media pressers last week.


“I’m sorry I’m getting deep with this like Kyrie does, but at the end of the day … I just feel like every man, every woman is my superior and that I can learn with them. That’s just how my curiosity really works, and I don’t have fear with that.

I’ve talked about not having prejudice with that, I try to live by those words. That’s how I feel. I think that calling anybody a ‘pawn’ is a sure sign of disrespect.”

Love and Irving were teammates in Cleveland for three seasons being a vital part of the Cavaliers 2016 championship run.

Irving decided to go on a media blackout, as his comments were frequently twisted, according to the Brooklyn Nets’ superstar.

Irving is set to play his first game since Feb. 1 with the Brooklyn Nets on December 13. The Nets will open their preseason schedule against the Washington Wizards.