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Paul Pierce is getting sued by his weed man over unpaid wages

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NBA legend and now ESPN analyst, the 43-year-old Paul Pierce is being sued over an alleged weed deal gone bad, according to TMZ Sports. The 2008 NBA champion and Finals MVP was sued by Kenneth Johnson, who works in the weed market.

Pierce appointed Mr. Johnson in 2016 to “design and develop a warehouse to cultivate cannabis from inception to completion”, according to the lawsuit. Disagreements between the parties had arisen when Pierce decided to cut Johnson’s payment from $10,000 to $4,000 per month until Pierce had the product to sell at the full rate.

Johnson declares that Pierce reduced pay to get the business operating because they couldn’t get weed plants into the warehouse until 2018. The former basketball player motivated his decision by saying that he has to pay salaries to employees and can’t store the product at the full amount.

Johnson reportedly wasn’t getting his full payment as of Nov. 19 and decided to leave the business. Johnson is accusing Pierce of backpay “plus unpaid overtime, missed meal period violations and more”, according to TMZ Sports.

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