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With LeBron James, Anthony locked for 3 years, Lakers can win at least 2 more rings, says Jay Williams

LeBron James Anthony Davis
Photo by AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

Defending NBA champions the Los Angeles Lakers made two major moves in recent days by re-signing superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. LeBron now has three years left in his contract while Davis penned a new, five-year-deal. Therefore, the Lakers will have both James and AD for at least next three years.

Former NBA player and current analyst Jay Williams thinks that this move made the Lakers “exponentially better” than any team in the NBA. He also thinks that by having LeBron and AD the Lakers could win at least two more rings.

“They’re exponentially better than any other team in the NBA,” Williams said on ESPN’s Get Up. “Look what they’ve been able to do. They resigned KCP, they bring on Dennis Schroder, a guy that can score on anybody. He was a part of a pivotal backcourt last year with OKC.

“You bring on a guy that was literally in the same building that you stole from the team that you share the building with. When you think about what Montrezl Harrell bring from a big perspective. You signed Marc Gasol. You still have a guy like Kyle Kuzma there.

“They have all the pieces to be… and Wesley Matthews a guy that can space the floor from a three-point shooting perspective.”

“I think they can get at least two more [rings with LeBron and AD in the next three years],” Williams said when asked by Jared Greenberg how many rings the Lakers will win in the next three years. Should that happen, James will have six rings which is the same number as Michael Jordan.

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