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LeBron James reveals he wanted Luka Doncic to be first player on Team LeBron under Nike: “I wanted him to be my guy”

LeBron James Luka Doncic
Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Luka Doncic impressed the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James so much that he wanted the Dallas Mavericks young star to lead his new brand. According to LeBron, he believed in Luka so much that was prepared to make him the face of Team LeBron under Nike.

“When Luka was going through his contract negotiations with Nike and you saw him at one point he would wear Jordans, you saw him wearing other brands during practices, I wanted to begin Team LeBron and have Luka as my first signing at Nike. This is what I wanted,” James told Allie Clifton, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye on the Road Trippin’ podcast.

“I don’t believe my guys at Nike were ready for that. And obviously they were not because he ended up going to Jordan And I don’t know if Luka knows this. He would know now. I wanted Luka to be the first signing of Team LeBron when he was going through his situation. And it didn’t happen. He’s still under the same umbrella of Nike’s with Jordan.

“And that’s how much I believed in him… I wanted him to be my guy. I wanted him to be my first guy because I love what he stands for. I love everything about him both on the court and off the court. He’s a great guy.”

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