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How do Lebron and Anthony Davis compare to other great NBA duos?

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This past season, Lebron and Davis were undoubtedly the best duo in the league. They ploughed through the playoffs, only losing 5 games throughout their run and dominating any team in their path. Quite frankly, you could argue that they were the 2 best players in the league this season. But how do they compare to other great NBA duos?

For as long as the NBA has been around, teams have been trying to form strong duo partnerships on their teams. Throughout the 50s and 60s, the Boston Celtics ruled the league and this was largely due to the duo of Bill Russell and Bob Cousy. Then throughout the 80s, we saw Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, of the Los Angeles Lakers, battle with Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, of the Boston Celtics, as they faced off three times in the Finals in just a four year period. And then into the 90s, we have arguably the best duo of all time with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen topping the list.

There are also many other great duos in NBA history such as Lebron and Dwyane Wade, Shaq and Kobe, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant etc. So you get the picture of how valuable a strong duo can be to an NBA team. So how do Lebron and Davis compare to these greats?

Well, the truth is that it’s too early to tell. They’ve only been together for one season, although it feels like a lot longer. And for them to establish themselves as one of the best duos of all time, they’ll need to have a lot more playing time together. Anthony Davis is still yet to resign for the Lakers. However, I think it’s highly likely that he will. When he resigns, the Lakers will remain as one of the top favourites for the Championship this season and I assume he’ll sign for more than just one year. Even if he’s only signed to a two year deal with the Lakers, that will extend his contract to when Lebron’s expires and will give them the opportunity to three-peat. With how they played this past season, a three-peat is very much on the table.

Hypothetically speaking, if Lebron and Davis do complete the three-peat, where would you have them all time? Top 10? Top 5? Personally, I would have them at Number 5 behind Jordan and Pippen, Bob Cousy and Bill Russell, Magic and Kareem and Shaq and Kobe.

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