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Study ranks Michael Jordan, LeBron James & Kobe Bryant among top 5 most famous American athletes

Three of the best-ever.

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant are three of the best superstars to ever play the game of basketball, with their names often brought up in the seemingly never-ending GOAT debate – more so MJ and LeBron’s. According to Wikipedia analysis done by MyProtein, the three icons rank among the top five most-read about athletes on the site for the past 12 years, lending to the notion that they’re among the most popular athletes in the U.S.

His Airness tops the bunch at No.1 with 50,557,775 page views, nearly 10 million more than former boxer Muhammad Ali, who’s prompted 41,968,846 to put him in second place. LeBron is at No.3 with 38,801,994 and we imagine he will have surpassed Ali by the time his career is over. Bryant, who sadly passed away in a helicopter crash earlier this year, garnered 38,712,110 page views, per the aforementioned publication.

MJ, King James, and Kobe are the only basketball names in the top 10; the soon-to-return Mike Tyson comes in at fifth on 29,769,600 views.

Via MyProtein

LeBron is the only active NBA player on the above list and is heading into year 18 after winning his fourth championship with the Los Angeles Lakers at the end of last season. Jordan, meanwhile, is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. One has to wonder what the future would have been like for Bryant had his life not been cut short under such tragic circumstances.

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