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Bronny James is the most influential high school athlete of all-time, says shoe executive

Bronny James
Photo: fadeawayworld.net

Bronny James, son of the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar and future Hall of Famer LeBron James, is a high-school basketball phenomenon with great following in the basketball and the media world.

According to one shoe executive, Bronny is the most influential high-school athlete of all time, as reported by 247sports.com.

“The game itself was just a scrimmage, but that didn’t stop people from showing up. Sierra Canyon’s gym was full. 

Gabrielle Union, Wade’s wife, was there. Danny Green strolled in. Dahntay Jones. There were Instagram basketball celebrities, shoe industry folks and just pure basketball fans. Some were there to get a look at D-Wade’s son, Zaire. Some to see Kentucky commit BJ Boston. Some just for the show.

But, mostly, the gym was packed for Bronny James. Just 15, James has amassed a following and brand that exceeds most professional athletes, before even playing an actual high school game.  

Said one shoe executive: “He’s the most influential high school athlete of all-time.” 

Bronny has a huge following in social media with more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Sierra Canyon’s games was mostly sold-out, even if James wasn’t a starting caliber player in his first season.

However, the pressure is huge under the strong spotlight for a 15-year-old athlete, however being the son of one of the best NBA players ever helps him have elite help on sharpening his basketball skill.

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