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NBA Season Delay To Affect and Jeopardize Olympic Participants Positions

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The delay of the new season in the NBA could come at a great cost to future Olympic hopefuls, as the delay for the season has been put off until January at the earliest possible. Despite the delay in live gameplay, there have been many NBA odds that have been predicted to try and keep the momentum and fire alive for all those waiting to watch some live action.

Many players had hoped to take part in both the Olympics and the NBA, however the availability of certain players like Ben Simmons, Joe Ingles and Patty Mills is not possible, due to their contract agreements to be a part of the seasons. This essentially has come at a clash of schedules for many players, who were supposed to take part in the Olympics. However due to a large number of Australian and American players being unavailable to play within the Olympics, due to their fixed engagements, NBA officials commented to representatives of The New York Times revealing they will try and find a solution to fix this problem, this issue could see some of the best players being unable to make any Olympic contributions whatsoever. 

It is not just the participation of the selected favourites that will affect the Olympics, many NBA players from all over the world will be prevented from participating with their countries teams if the NBA do not find a solution to compromise the schedules, to ensure both are harmonious with each other. 

The NBA actually runs for 6 months per season, with a 2-month gap in between. So, if the NBA actually does run in January as suggested by the board of commissions, this will mean the season will not finish until September the earliest. If Tokyo is allowed to host the Olympics, it will start from the 23rd of July, meaning that the clash is very difficult to avoid or somehow manage. There is not a difference of one or two days here, but rather a complete two months that will need to be considered.

In addition to this, there will be qualifiers for the Olympic spots that will take place within June, for the last few places that need to be filled in. Again, this will cause a great conflict of schedule, as June is a very vigorous and stressful moment in the NBA. It will be approaching that last few stages, with highly competitive matches-something that again cannot be compromised.

NBA stars such as Mills and Ingles have publicly said to  (prior to the pandemic complications) that they will be a part of the Olympics, way before any changes for the NBA seasons were decided, so this really does put them in quite a pickle, as they essentially have agreed to both parties in some form of official manner. Of course, the boards of the Olympics do know the difficult position that the players are in at the moment, is all out of their hands.

The manager of High Performance and National Teams have said to media outlets like The Washington Post, that they are monitoring the status of the NBA seasons, particularly the teams with the majority of the Australian and American participants. Until there will be some kind of official confirmation of the exact game season dates, there is no position of having a formal discussion of the availability of players. This will be something that is sure to come in the next coming weeks.

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